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Guest Workshops- STEM Camp

Create It Inc. will be joining us at STEM Camp with their exciting

Sphero Robotics Free-Drive Ramp Activity plus a  LEGO ENGINEERING BUILDING CHALLENGE as an added bonus! We can't wait!

Milka Beker- STEM Camp Program Director

Milka Beker- Also known as Morah Milka is looking forward to challenging and exciting programming at STEM Specialty Camp! She is passionate about STEM and the Arts and is excited to bring her creativity and spunk to camp this year!  She is looking forward to an amazing summer 2023 season!

About STEM Camp

Week 6: August 7th-August 11th

SK-Gr.5 Boys & Girls (Separate Bunks/ Divisions)


Register online at-

We're bringing back our STEM Camp! Join us this summer for a unique two week program. Our stem camps are a fun way for campers to explore their sense of wonder through structured, hands-on experiences and learning opportunities.Campers will enjoy daily STEM workshops plus all the JCK Camp fun such as swim, creative food art, Session Trip, Silly Science, Sports and more! STEM camps are designed to teach children STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), while giving them the opportunity to explore different concepts and enhance their education outside the traditional classroom.

Camp includes 2-3 hours of STEM & Silly Science workshops plus all the JCK fun (Art, Baking, Silly Science,Creative Food Art, Trip Theme and dress up days, session trip, swim and more!)

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