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The JCK Leadership Team

Vered is an enthusiastic and passionate entrepreneur with a wide array of experience working with youth. She loves to dance, sing, DJ and trave! :) Vered is extremely motivated in helping youth reach their potential and highly believes that the Arts and STEM are an incredible tool in helping children develop their self- esteem and self-expression. She completed her Thesis at York University exploring " The Benefits of Integrating Artistic Expression in the Orthodox Jewish Community." Her greatest joy is seeing each child shine in their own way! Vered is the​ Co-Founder of JCreative Group Inc.  and is well known as DJ VB Rose, one of the only female DJ's in the Jewish community. 


Vered Benchetrit B.A.Specialized Hons. Thesis Program

Co-Founder at JCK Camps & JCK Entertainment 

Milka Beker is looking forward to her 4th summer at JCK! She studied theatre at York University, focusing on Drama Education and Children Studies. She is passionate about the Arts and is excited to bring her creativity and spunk to camp this year! This summer she will be our camp head program director creating all the fun themes around camps! She looks forward to an amazing summer 2022 season!

Carly Siegel- Adminstrative Assistant


Carly has been working with JCK since September as our assistant camp before school and camp after school programs. She loves working with kids and bringing her creativity to our camp programs. Carly is a recent graduate of the business certificate program at Seneca and hopes to pursue a career in the field of childcare. 

Milka Beker

Director of Fun &  Workshops

Keri Roth, B.A.Hons. B.Ed, OCT

Co-Founder at JCK Camps

Ker2Dance Workshops

Keri is the founder of Ker2Dance Events & Entertainment, and was the Co-Founder of Jewish Creative Kidz. She is passionate about creating arts based programming for the Jewish community that cultivates physical, social and emotional wellness. Well known by kiddies far and wide, as "Morah Keri" she has taught dance and ZumbaTM for all ages and looks forward to bringing her exciting workshops to Camp JCK!


Keren Barak

Performing Arts Camps Head + Camp Dance/Zumba  Instructor


Keren Barak is a graduate of the Victoria International Ballet Academy. She holds an Artiste de Ballet diploma, a B1 Zumba License, as well as certificates in Power Circuit and Bodyworks plus Abs from LA Fitness. 

She is trained in Classical and Contemporary Ballet, Character Dance, Hip-Hop, and Salsa. Keren also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre and Film from York University and works as an actress in the Toronto Film Industry.

Upon graduation, Keren has participated in a variety of dance and theatre shows in York University, Karpov Ballet Academy, as well as other independent productions.

Keren has been a full-time instructor since 2010. She has worked in several dance studios, gymnastics clubs, daycares, private schools, after-school programs, community centres and gyms all over Ontario. She is very comfortable with working with toddlers and children as well as adults and seniors.

Her passion has always been performance, and Keren is very enthusiastic in igniting this passion in her students. She is always exploring different ways of finding the love of dance in everyone who comes her way!

While following her artistic dreams, Keren has also found a new passion for law. She is currently a licensed paralegal and is preparing to apply for law school.​ 

She is looking forward to her summer at JCK Camps!

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